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ISKCON Communications Course

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    € 99
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    beginning from 14/09/2020
Assessment is done through a series of questions to be answered, tests, and exercises which are commented on by the teacher. Exercises are done individually or in groups with other students


To function effectively in the world, and especially as members of ISKCON, we need to learn to communicate well. We have a sacred mission to fulfill, one that needs us to be able to interact with all kinds of people in a way that helps them — and the world — awaken our spiritual understanding, our relationship with God, Lord Krishna, and to live happier, peaceful lives. Learn principles of effective communication, understand the people with whom you are communicating better, learn how to listen properly and stir the conversation, become an expert presenter and learn how to relate to media effectively through the series of lectures, interactive exercises and guidance from our expert teacher, Anuttama das (ACBSP).
Week 1
What Is ISKCON? Definition of communications and favorable environment Srila Prabhupada, the greatest communicator Principles of effective communications Understanding ISKCON audiences Needs, interests and concerns Sutras of communications
Week 2
Introduction to listening Bad listening skit Listening pitfalls SOLE and reflective listening Open and close ended questions Demonstration – reflective listening Government – 10 key points
Week 3
Introduction to interfaith relations An enlightened view of interfaith ISKCON’s interfaith statement Interfaith: opportunities and benefits Devotee relations and sastra references Ways to serve and appreciation Tips to build love and trust
Week 4
Review of principles Become an expert at public speaking Four questions public speaking in preparation Components of good speech Presentation skills Feedback sandwich Introduction to scholars NICs of scholars and Srila Prabhupada’s stress on them Tips on building relationships with scholars Video from the Harvard conference
Week 5
Introduction to media Media basics Media release and writing exercise Tips for effective interviews Keys to success in media interviews Tv or video Interviews Confrontational interviews Preparing an interview


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About the Instructor
Anuttama das (ACBSP) has served as ISKCON’s Director of Communications since the early 1990s, when he took over that role from his predecessor, His Holiness Mukunda Goswami who has been both an inspiration and a mentor for him. As International Director, or Minister of Communications, he has traveled much, while being based in Washington, D.C. in America. He has served on the Governing Body Commission or GBC of ISKCON and as GBC Chairperson. He joined ISKCON in 1975 in Denver, Colorado where he served as sankirtan leader and Temple President, before he moved to Washington in 1993, where he lives today with his wife Rukmini dasi.